Forthcoming Events


Here at Contact Edge CRM, we host a number of seminars, workshops and events throughout the year.

These interactive sessions give a first-hand illustration of what CRM can do for your business, as well as a number of marketing, sales and customer services-related techniques and exercises that can benefit any organisation.

These sessions will also often feature independent guest speakers, who are able to provide a unique insight drawing on their own business experiences.

You can view some of the feedback from some of our most recent workshops here.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

How CRM can enhance your business – 1 August 2013

Don was invited to do a CRM talk for The Business Club Grantham, on 1 August 2013. Please call the organiser, Mike Stokes for more information.

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Not sure about the benefits of CRM? Here's a flavour of what you might gain from one of our seminars.