Don't be a victim of your own success


Every business is different, but the principles and goals largely remain the same.

Acquiring new customers, keeping the existing ones happy, while reducing the costs of marketing, selling and servicing are the basic requirements for any company.

For a growing business, the problem can often arise after they have begun to achieve these initial goals.

The inability to cope with growth is a problem that has affected countless businesses, who ultimately become victims of their own success.

It goes without saying that as you become more successful, it's neccessary to evolve in order to meet the demands of your quickly expanding clientbase.

But the simple question is: How?

  • How many new members of staff do you hire?
  • How much of your recent profits do you gamble and re-invest in order to progress to the next level?

Many companies see new additional staff as the quick-fix solution to the 'problem' of having more business than they can handle. But bringing more people into your business can bring its own problems.

To get the right people, the recruitment process takes time; time that you can scarcely afford to dedicate. And, then, if you want to maintain the high standards that have got you this far, the training procedure will take even longer.

The mistake many make is to throw more staff at the 'problem', before equipping their existing staff with the tools needed to cope with the growth.

With more customers and more staff, you are instantly increasing the risk of human error. A forgotten message, a lost note or a deleted email can all result in lost clients.

A simple system based around the competence of your staff might have worked successfully in the past, but if you want to maintain your growth, you need to make life easier for all concerned.

And that means Automating.

As a CRM vendor, the single biggest problem we face is explaining to businesses that they need a CRM solution in order to maintain growth. That it makes good customer service easy and takes away much of the time and expense in training new staff.

That it can help you progress onto the next level.

After implementation, businesses often wonder how they coped without it.

And, with a recent independent report noting a 243% Return on Investment for Microsoft CRM 2011, it's clear that there are huge benefits to be had.

Whether you decide to have a CRM system as part of your business or not, it's vital to continue to evolve in order to maintain your growth. This means equipping your staff with the tools they need to do the job, and doing it to the standard your customers expect.

If you want to learn more about staying ahead of the growth curve, come and join us on a free Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 seminar.

At Contact Edge CRM, we specialise in Microsoft CRM, which helps businesses find creative ways to engage with customers.  And by accurately tracking how the first engagement was initiated, it is easy to determine which elements of your marketing strategy are working.

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